Sara Naab

Co-Founder, Trak Fertility

At age 23, Sara SDx was told she would never have children on her own. With determination, she took on her health, losing nearly 70lbs and becoming a tri-athlete. Along the way, she met the love of her life, a scientist from Northern California and with gratitude; they were able to naturally conceive both of their sons. Fueled by her passion to help people transform their health, Sara spent countless hours volunteering as a fitness and health coach. As a daughter, wife, sister to four brothers and mother to two sons, Sara developed a particular interest in men’s health and created Don’t Cook your Balls as a resource to help men better understand their sexual and reproductive health.

In 2011, while working at a government lab, Sara’s husband Ulrich invented powerful technology capable of performing a variety of medical tests. The couple saw the technology as a powerful way for people to get feedback on what is happening inside the body. In 2012, they founded a biotech to develop Trak as a tool that empowers men to improve their fertility.


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