Pierre Giauque, PhD

Co-author, The Fertile Kitchen® Cookbook

Born in the French-speaking city of Lausanne, Switzerland, Pierre began cooking at the age of 10 to help his single, working mother of three in the kitchen. Later, his cooking became infused with the various ethnic flavors and styles of the dishes he tasted in his global travels and through his community of international friends.  In addition to practicing his culinary skills, Pierre also earned a Ph.D. in physics, and in 1996, moved to Southern California for a prestigious post-doc position at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). In 2002, Pierre relocated to Northern California to take leadership in the core technology of a startup company.


As a scientist, Pierre holds several patents, has published numerous articles in scientific journals, and has presented his work at many international conferences. Currently, Pierre is a Senior Engineer at Hitachi GST and has given numerous cooking workshops and demos on the topic of Eating for Fertility. Besides cooking, Pierre enjoys outdoor sports, traveling and spending time with his family.



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