Linda C.

Former Patient, Life IVF
My husband and I have been married for almost 13 years. When we got married we decided to try to have a family shortly after. When mother nature was just not taking its normal course, you get showered with advice from everyone. You know, on “how to have a baby“. It was three years after when we started questioning if there was something wrong but the fear of hearing bad news and hoping for a miracle kept us from getting medical advice. So we decided to do our own research and try some normal things. Taking my temperature every morning, ovulation test, calendars, “relaxed”, “stopped trying so hard”, plus others.


Another year passed us by. Nothing was happening and we were slapped with the shocking news that we could not get pregnant unless we did some kind of procedure. Devastation is not even the word to describe what we felt. We hoped that maybe one day it will just happen, but it didn’t. By year seven, we changed to a different insurance that covered all fertility tests and IUI procedures. During these tests, we found that a cyst the size of a tennis ball was on one of my ovaries which needed to be removed before starting any medication or procedure. We celebrated our eighth anniversary at home recovering but with hopes that we can finally start our family. From March through July of 2009 we had a total of 8-10 IUI treatments. My husband and I were both on hormone medication, he was using it to increase his sperm count, I was using double the dose to increase my ovulation and my chances of getting pregnant. On the last cycle I had over 20 follicles! The medication was taking a toll on us, both physically and mentally. We decided to stop when I became depressed and suicidal due to all the medication I was on. We needed to recover.


In 2011 the possibility of having a baby was brought up occasionally but this time we did more research. Looked for possible loans, grants, foster and adoption. This is when we found Life IVF Center and attended their free seminar. We learned a lot about our situation, IVF and infertility over all. We felt educated and we booked our first consultation. It was then when I was diagnosed with endometriosis and to my surprise Dr. Yelian was not worried about it. Even though we were scared, we trusted him and moved forward. I only needed a third of the medication from three years prior and one cycle to get 4 beautiful embryos. My husband did not need any medication.


On February 19, 2013 we welcomed our daughter Melina. She was definitely worth the wait. The joy she has brought to our lives is inexplicable and priceless. Everyone at Life IVF is considered family to us. Everyone there is very caring. They know the importance and the sensitivity of the situation and we are all treated with warmth and sympathy. They always did their best to make each situation as smooth as possible and tried take away the inevitable stress. We will forever be thankful to Dr. Yelian and the staff for giving us a chance and making our dream come true. Life IVF Center became our second home and they are family to us.


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