Jenny C.

Former Patient, Life IVF Center

I was diagnosed with a high FSH of 99 when I was 31. The Dr. told me that it was impossible for me to have my own biological child. My husband and I had been to many of other local IVF centers and were told the same thing about high FSH. I had tried Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal and nothing seem to worked. As we had decided on an egg donor, and were waiting for her to became available to us, we came across Dr. Yelian at Life IVF Center. I had attended one of his free seminars and was hoping to win one free Natural Cycle drawing. I was not lucky enough, but was offered a free 15 min. consultation with the Dr. After reading my medical records, he asked if we could hold off using the egg donor and let him try with my own eggs for a few Natural Cycles. I turned to look at my husband and was thinking either this Dr. was a horrible business minded doctor or an Angel from God.

In December 2012 I delivered twins, one baby girl and one baby boy. My babies are truly miracle babies from God. Dr. Yelian and the embryologist Molly were His perfect tools. If you have been diagnosed with poor ovarian reserved with FSH higher than 15, then you must have experienced being turned down by other IVF clinics. Dr. Yelian was brave to take the challenge in knowing how difficult my case would be and that success rate was not the only thing he had in mind. He did not see me as a number but was very sympathetic with my desire of wanting to have my own biological child.

Life IVF Center has helped me to complete my family and I hope one day they can help you too.

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