Jeffrey Benton DC, CTN

Founder& CEO, Light Touch Healing Center

Dr. Benton is Founder & CEO of the Light Touch Healing Center, a collaboration of like minded licensed health practitioners who together are able to quickly identify the cause of people’s ailments, and deliver the services and products that bring people into more Perfect Health. They utilize proven techniques from the field of Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Clinical Nutrition, Functional Blood Analysis, Theta-Healing and Physiotherapy as a Multi-dimensional approach to personal healing.

Dr. Benton developed the Emotional Trauma Release Technique to help patients clear stuck patterns caused by traumatic events in their life – both emotional and non-emotional in origin. This practice is fun for both practitioner and patient. When patients leave the office they have clarity about what perfect health looks like. Dr. Benton will be joined my his life partner and Theta Healer, Rebecca Williams, Ed.D., M.P.P. to exclusively share with the Fertility Planit audience how these thought patterns can impact pregnancy and how to clear these inefficient patterns.


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