Response to NYTimes Op-Ed – from our Founder, Karin Thayer

Brooklyn, NY — September 12th, 2013 — Thursday morning. Three days before the LA 2014 NYC conference I’m producing this Sunday, September 15th.


I wake up in our sweltering rented apartment to my two-year old son thrusting my vibrating cell phone into my face. It’s buzzing with friends’ tweets and emails about the following OpEd piece in the New York Times called “Selling the Fantasy of Fertility by Miriam Zoll and Pamela Tsigdinos


As the Founder of LA 2014 I was delighted to see us mentioned in the opening line, but then I read on:


“… the fair’s most powerful strategy is the suggestion that all your answers can be found within the event hall — and that the power to overcome infertility can be found within yourself.


As former fertility patients who endured failed treatments, we understand how seductive that idea is.”


As a long-time infertility patient, I can relate to what the authors describe as being a “fertility junkie” — and enduring a soul-destroying spiral of disappointment, obsession and debt. For years I was willing to try anything, and to buy anything, that stood even a remote chance of helping me get pregnant. I applaud the authors for sharing research and views. However, I wish they had reached out to learn more about LA 2014 before declaring what we’re about in the New York Times.


Throughout my own years of trying to get pregnant I yearned for a resource that could support me in having conversations and finding information, support and inspiration, no matter where I was in my journey. I wanted a resource that could be there for me from start to finish — no matter how my life circumstances changed, nor how my priorities and choices shifted.


LA 2014 is the resource I wanted and could not find. We welcome and support all people who want to have children and create families — we produce conferences, content and conversation for people at every stage in their journey to offer information, support and inspiration to help them make their own right choices.


At some point, every human being will ask themselves, “do I want to have a child?” If the answer is yes, then LA 2014 is there to help answer the next question which is increasingly: “how am I going to become a parent?” This includes being there for people when answers and choices change.


We invite you to make your own decision and be part of the conversation this Sunday at LA 2014 NYC 2013.


For more information please visit


Read the entire, original Op-Ed piece at the NY Times HERE.

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