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Yo San University is now well into its third decade as an institution of higher learning.
What our University believes and teaches is best characterized by our Motto, “Ancient Wisdom – Family Legacy –  Modern Medicine.” These words sum up what we are about. We respect and build on theories, methods and successes of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that have developed and endured through several centuries. We place particular attention on the added value brought to the medicine by the 38 generations of the Ni Family. That factor specifi­cally empowers you to engage your own personal Qi cultivation not just as a practitioner, but also as a “healer.”
Moreover, we are com­mitted to the integration of respected TCM traditions and methods into the mainstream of Western medical practices. Consistent with the succinct wording of the Yo San University Motto, our founders, Dr. Dao and Dr. Mao, in collaboration with the Board of Trustees and our deans and faculty members, have crafted educational objectives, curricula and clinical experiences designed to facilitate the emergence of a new generation of TCM healers. We want you to be a part of that new generation.
Yo San University is a leader in advocating for the inclusion of Traditional Chinese Medicine within the greater arena of healthcare professions. Our students learn to interact not only with patients and other TCM professionals, but with the greater healthcare community. This objective is accomplished not only through coursework, but also through mentorship with excellent faculty who practice integrative medicine, as well as through opportunities to complete supervised clinical work at sites that focus on an integrative model of healthcare. You can be a part of the fast emerging integrative medical model.
We welcome you to explore our website. Please note in particular the statements of our mission, values and educational objectives as well the details of our Master’s Degree Program. Earning the Master of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Degree is the first step in the path to become a licensed acupuncturist in California and other states. This website will also provide summaries of the academic and administrative services that will support your learning processes at Yo San University.
We know that you will discern our program as a process that leads not just to the develop­ment of skills in TCM, but to a lifelong pattern of learning with particular focus on your personal development as a healer. Your success in meeting your career and personal development objectives is our primary and ultimate purpose. We wish you the best and remain firmly committed to providing the professional stimulation, a strong community identity and state of the art facilities to support your success at Yo San University.


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