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The Adoption Services Program at VistaDel Mar is one of the largest, state licensed, adoption agencies in California. Established in 1948, Vista offers a full service adoption program.


Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services has been in operation for more than 100 years and is a solid, long standing agency with national recognition. The Adoption Services program has been assisting families in adopting locally, nationally and internationally for more than 65 years. Our International program is Hague accredited.


You can feel confident that Vista Del Mar will be there to help you, your child and your family for years to come; answering your questions and supporting you throughout your life. The Adoptions Services Program at Vista Del Mar is open to all; whether you are single, married, partnered, LGBTQ – we are here to assist and support you in building your family through adoption.


Domestic Adoption:

Our infant domestic adoption program is a comprehensive program from start to finish. We offer:

  • Orientation to adoption class
  • Home studies
  • Adoption education
  • Connecting with birth parents, adoption attorneys, adoption facilitators
  • Post-Placement visits and parent education
  • Inter-state adoptions
  • Transracial/Transcultural adoption Training
  • Pathways to Parenting Training
  • Accessing Adoption Assistance Program
  • Post Adoption Education, Support, Counseling, Seminars, Training
  • Coordination of ancillary services offered at VistaDel Mar
  • Preparation and submission of court report for finalization

Birth Parent Counseling and Support

With the highest degree of respect, professionalism and confidentiality we provide counseling and support services to pregnant women who wish to explore their options.

  • Exploration and counseling of pregnancy and parenting options
  • If chosen, the development of an adoption plan
  • Facilitation of an open adoption if desired
  • Presentation of potential adoptive parents
  • Provide relinquishment and/or termination of parental rights services
  • Work in coordination with other out of state agencies

International Adoption

Our international program provides guidance to families in:

  • Choosing the appropriate international adoption program
  • Home study services,
  • Pre-adoption and post-adoption counseling,
  • Assistance with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS),
  • Parent preparation classes
  • Support groups.

Post Adoption Services

  • Search and Exchange for members of the adoption triad
  • Counseling, Education and Support Services
  • Information and Referral to community agencies
  • Ongoing trainings on issues related to adoption, parenting, special needs, etc.


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