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At The Mind Belly Connection we understand the decision to start and expand your family is an exciting time. But, when pregnancy does not happen as expected, stress and pressure can arise;  leaving you feeling lost and alone. Time after time those battling infertility do not seek the support that is essential and needed while on their family building journey. This saddens me to think of anyone suffering.


Becoming a parent is supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life and The Mind Belly Connection is dedicated to bringing the joy back in to your family building experience. This is done by educating, supporting, inspiring  and celebrating your journey.  We provide you with a safe space to share your dreams, successes, fears and frustrations while trying to conceive, throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Our hope is that you will be open to all of life’s possibilities and for you to see that miracles happen every day. We believe that sometimes just shifting your perception can change your life.



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