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SCSA is a CLIA certified medical diagnostic laboratory dedicated to analyzing the integrity of sperm DNA in frozen/thawed semen samples sent to SCSA Diagnostics via Federal Express from around the world.

Our flow cytometic lab is dedicated to fast (2-3 days) turnaround of clinical results.  Uniquely, SCSAsoft® Proprietary software provides the most highly precise and repeatable results.  5,000 individual sperm are analyzed (in duplicate) for the presence of normal and broken DNA.  Clinical reports, together with interpretations, are sent via our secure WEB site to the physician or patient   Patients can log onto our WEB site and click on the “ORDER NOW” button to obtain this service.

About 1 out of 5 men coming to an infertility clinic have male factor infertility due to damaged sperm DNA that leads to a longer time to pregnancy, more miscarriages, no pregnancy, or possibly psychic birth defects for older men.



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