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How can you prime for pregnancy, manifest a healthy baby and create the thriving family you want?


I’m sure you’ve read the books, done the Google research, and yet…you haven’t felt that there’s a safe place you could go to get your burning questions answered about your pregnancy and fertility. But Positively Fertile is here for YOU! This is an online sanctuary for women just starting to try for a baby or preparing to start trying to get pregnant within the year who want a community and support system to help themmanage the stress and challenges that come with pregnancy and create fulfilling and healthy lives.


I’m Heidi Brockmyre M.S., L.Ac., a fertility expert and acupuncturist with a background in Chinese medicine and 10 years of experience helping hundreds of women create a fertile mind AND body and finally manifest the baby that they and their partners have dreamed of. I focus on preparing the mind, body, and spirit for fertility and pregnancy and talk about how Chinese medicine, the Law of Attraction, and manifesting plays into that. If you’d like to get started with a couple of my free articles, I talk about how emotional catharsis can boost your fertility on the Yin Ova blog, and the 19 Superfoods you can eat for fertility on the Infertility Voice.


I love teaching you how to use Chinese medicine in their daily lives to be more fertile and balance your health. There’s so much more to Chinese medicine than acupuncture. And many of the powerful techniques you can do on yourself at home. One example is an acupuncture point sequence I teach to thicken your uterine lining. Or learn how to help implantation for natural conception or for a successful embryo transfer and increasing your chances by 20%. And on that note, it’s important for you to know that manifesting isn’t just sitting around and ‘wishing’ your baby into existence. Manifesting is how the actions you take towards getting pregnant line up with your thoughts about getting pregnant. I even created my signature online program ‘Positively Fertile‘ to help you bring your baby into existence. Or, get pregnant ‘for real’ this time. It’s about being aware of your body, being in tune with nature and what’s going on around you, and being your best advocate for your health and your future baby. And really…it isn’t JUST about you getting pregnant or being the most fertile you can be. It’s living the most fulfilling life you can…and creating the healthy, thriving family that is a part of that vision you have for yourself.


All you need to do is learn how to take excellent care of your mind and body. All you need to do is love yourself, and love where you’re at. And believe in that AMAZING body of yours and the miracles it can create! I’m so happy to be here and along with you for your journey to your happiest, healthiest self and the baby (or babies!) you’ve been dreaming of.


How can I help you now? I’d love to have you on my list to give you the tools and support you need to keep your mind AND body fertile! The first fertile wisdom you’ll receive is a series of videos that teach you how to increase blood flow to your reproductive organs and reduce stress.

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