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Our mission is to help you have a baby, regardless of your marital or financial status, or the ticking of your biological clock. Pacific Fertility Center (Top In Vitro Fertility Center in Los Angeles) provides the latest medical treatments for infertility, and we carefully advise each patient of all the medical options. Of course, the selection of a treatment protocol depends on each patient’s medical history and condition. However, many non-medical considerations can also influence the selection of treatment. Therefore, in addition to presenting the patient with all the appropriate medical options and their probability of success, our physicians and staff also explain the physical, emotional and financial implications of each approach.


We pioneered one of the most revolutionary financial programs in the field of medicine by sharing financial risk with our patients, in the form of monetary refunds in case of failure to achieve a pregnancy with In Vitro Fertilization. We are also committed in helping patients both medically and financially by offering significant discounts in cases of financial hardship through our access program.


Although our center is located in Los Angeles, more than half of our patients live in other cities, states, and countries. Fertility Treatment at PFCLA only requires a patient to be at our center for 5-10 days. Although we regularly orchestrate and coordinate treatment with physicians both nationally and internationally, most of your critical care actually takes place in those days that you are in Los Angeles.


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