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Michelle Galatoire, founder of Nourish & Bloom, specializes in supporting women struggling with infertility and adoption, and mom’s struggling with life balance. She has helped hundreds of women create the family and life of their dreams. Having struggled with infertility herself, she has a deep desire to help ease the pain of other women on this journey. She empowers her clients with many healing tools to reduce stress, shed limiting beliefs and embrace hope. She believes that extreme self care on every level – emotional, physical, mental and spiritual – is essential to build the foundation of a life that is authentic, joyful and wise.


Michelle is the author of “Petals of You: A Guide to Self Care”, the Fertile Life Consultant for The Fertile Soul, supporter of A Family of My Own, contributor to Fertile and was president of her local chapter of She is a Board Certified Coach with the Center for Credentialing and Education, and holds certification from Circle of Life, Guiding Mindful Change and Renee Trudeau’s Personal Renewal Groups for Moms.

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