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Life IVF Center is a unique fertility center specializing in Natural Cycle IVF and Minimal Stimulation IVF located in the heart of Irvine. Our medical director, Dr. Frank D. Yelian, M.D., PhD., has over 20 years of experience in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology. With his vast knowledge from his past experience, combined with his training at Kato’s Ladies Clinic in Japan, Life IVF Center has brought the latest technology of IVF to California. With the latest natural methods, no longer do women have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on Conventional IVF that are not necessarily successful and are detrimental to the human body.


Here at Life IVF Center, we offer a more natural IVF option to help patients achieve their goals. If patients meet the requirements, they can do a Natural Cycle IVF with no medication. For Minimal Stimulation IVF patients take some oral medication, Clomid, with 2-3 injections for the entire cycle. Our medical costs will be significantly less than Conventional IVF. This will eliminate serious complications of Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS). In addition, patients will require less monitoring visits, and a shorter and safer procedure. For egg retrieval, we only use local anesthesia. Patients can be in and out of facility within an hour and back to their normal daily lives.


We have excellent pregnancy rates without using an aggressive approach. Our goal is to provide: a gentle, safe, successful and affordable IVF option to all patients who need assisted reproductive technologies (ART). No patients are turned away because of their age, number of follicles, high FSH level or financial status. We are here to help any patient experiencing infertility issues and help them through this difficult time. We strive to deliver the most compassionate and personalized care. We offer a free seminar every second Saturday of every month to educate our patients about IVF. At the end of every seminar, one lucky couple will have the opportunity to win a free Natural Cycle IVF.

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