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Fertility Follies is a website promoting support and resources for people suffering from infertility and pregnancy loss. The website is based on the book, Fertility Follies – Adventures in Hormones & Hot Flashes written by Erin Miserlis.


Erin holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and masters in human services administration. She has spent the better part of the past decade working in the non-profit field and suffering from Clomid induced hot flashes. After four miscarriages and enough fertility treatments to qualify as a science project, Erin was told she had a less than 5% chance at ever conceiving. Despite this grim prognosis, she eventually gave birth to two children without the use of fertility treatments.

The goal of Fertility Follies is to provide a sense of camaraderie for individuals dealing with infertility and show that with a little bit of humor you can get through anything.


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