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EmbraceHer Health supports women of childbearing age with expert, evidence-based Web and mobile health guides from US Board-certified OB/GYN doctors, Reproductive Endocrinologists and Pediatricians. Our platform connects women and Board-certified doctors for the critical stages of a woman’s health lifecycle: family planning, fertility, conception, pregnancy/birth and new motherhood.


Our premium subscription service gives women mobile access to ask an OB/GYN questions and will soon enable her to message her OB directly through a private, HIPAA-compliant doctor-patient mobile messaging feature inside our existing application. Our doctor-approved, mom-rated health products for fertility, pregnancy and baby are reviewed and expertly curated by our physician team to save women time and money.


Our first mobile application, Pregnancy Companion, provides daily pregnancy health support and  personalized, stage-based content and commerce for expectant patients. The program is distributed by OB/GYN doctors directly to patients and is also available through Web, Apple Store and Google Play (over 350,000 users). Our consumer application helps increase patient education and engagement and enables physicians to optimize outcomes and improve workflow. Our mobile physician platform provides cost savings to physicians by streamlining doctor-patient communications, ensuring compliance with treatment recommendations, and providing notifications to both patients and physicians regarding appointments and health concerns (e.g. – I’m in labor!).


Our upcoming programs for fertility and conception provide women support from both OB/GYNs and reproductive specialists, including referrals to treatment options and fertility centers and access to fertility products and medications online.

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