Don’t Count Your Eggs

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Don’t Count Your Eggs is a blog by LA-based psychotherapist and infertility survivor, Maya Moskin, as she chronicles her journey to parenthood with her husband, Noah. Though she’s in her early 30’s, her ovaries think they’re fifty. And after three years  of unsuccessful ART procedures including IUI, IVF and IVF with donor eggs, The couple  is trying to figure out what to do next.

Through written and video posts, Don’t Count Your Eggs documents the heartache and ridiculousness of infertility. Maya deals with infertility head-on in a voice that is equal parts informative, compassionate, and humorous. With the blog, she hopes to share her  survival skills, build community and decrease isolation, and show what it really looks like behind the closed doors of an average couple struggling to create a family. Maya is honest and open about the emotional impact of a life battling infertility, as well the difficult compromises and decisions she must make with her husband along the  way. This look inside one woman’s journey will give you new insight and new hope into the long road to parenthood.

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