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Founded in 1977, California Cryobank (CCB) is a full-service sperm bank providing a comprehensive resource for frozen donor sperm, private semen cryopreservation, and specialized reproductive services (including egg and embryo storage and artificial insemination guidance). We are extremely proud of our 30 years of reproductive success.


Our services are entirely patient-centric; from the education that we provide—answering questions and providing step-by-step timetables that let patients know what to expect in the weeks and months to come from donor sperm selection through insemination—to the guidance that we offer. Our team is comprised of physicians, lab technicians, genetic counselors, Client Service Consultants, and Donor Matching Consultants. Every facet of our services is completely and expertly led by one of our experienced and compassionate team members. And while our sperm donor program is the foundation of our service, California Cryobank provides a full range of services for our clients including cord blood banking and access to our CCB Sibling Registry.


At the heart of it all is our donor program—considered around the world as the premier program of its kind. Potential sperm donors must first meet our basic requirements before they are even considered for our qualification process. If they do enter our qualification process they are subjected to extensive screening—the end result of which admits less than 1% of all applicants.

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