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When you have being trying to get pregnant, and it’s just not happening, it’s very disempowering and frustrating.  Bridgit Danner specializes in helping women get pregnant and stay pregnant through a very focused, yet also well-rounded and natural approach.


She understands the body system breakdowns involved in your infertility, as well as the emotional roller coaster that happens. She has helped many couples find healthier habits and a happier mindset, and become parents.  Her clients have described her as, ‘open and approachable,’ ‘thorough and holistic’ and ‘exceptionally knowledgable about fertility issues.’


Bridgit also appreciates that there all all kinds of mammas, and she knows that’s a good thing!  She is happy to be a busy career mom, who also loves her yoga center, cooks well at home, and gets her sleep!  And she loves to help women embrace their lives and who they are NOW on the way to becoming healthy, happy mammas.


More About Our Founder, Bridgit Danner, LAc

Bridgit’s interest in natural living began in college, as she studied organic gardening and herbology for fun while attending Ohio University. After enjoying a few glorious years of living and traveling overseas, she began studying Chinese Medicine at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2000.


She moved to Portland Oregon in 2003 and was fortunate to begin her private practice as a licensed acupuncturist at the wellness center, Yoga Pearl. Ready to spread her wings in a bigger way, she established Blue Sky Wellness Studio, a multi-practitioner wellness center, in 2007.  There she leads a team of 7 practitioners in holistic care for the North Portland community.


After learning about fertility to conceive her own son in 2007, and birthing her son in 2008, she experienced some of the health and emotional challenges you might see in a new mom and business owner!  That crisis helped her find the tools of coaching, holistic nutrition and functional medicine that helped her both heal and evolve, and they are the tools she is now passionate about sharing with her clients.


She established Joyful Mammas:  A Pregnancy Success Program in 2010.  This online fertility enhancement business offers group and private programs to support women and couples in finding the deep health, peace and joy that welcomes new life.

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