LA 2014 Speakers


Mother/Wife Model/Actor Life Coach and Motivational Speaker
TV's The Guncles, Adoptive Fathers & Founders of 'Hold My Hand' Adoption Mentoring Service
Founder, Strong Yoga®4Women
Spiritual Author and Lecturer
Actor & Father
Actress & Mother
President, Fertility Within Reach
Fertility Specialist, California Fertility Partners
Writer, Producer, Contributor at The Huffington Post
Journalist and Author
Teacher, Author, Creator of The Game of You™ (Book and Card Deck Set) and The Game of Insight™ (A Board Game)
Host of Media Mayhem and Crime Time with Allison Hope Weiner on
Health and Wellness Expert and Television Reporter
Assistant Medical Director at Pacific Fertility Center, LA
Director at Pacific Fertility Center, LA
Director, Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Vasectomy Reversal
Founder and CEO, RaiseAChild.US
Relationship Therapist, Media Personality
Partner of DiMare, Brown, Hicks & Kessler, LLC
Emmy-Winning TV Writer/Producer
Trial Attorney, Feldman & Wallach
Co-Founder, Be Hive of Healing Integrative Medical & Dental Center
Co-Founder, Be Hive of Healing Integrative Medical & Dental Center
Licensed Psychologist, Certified Strong Yoga® Teacher
UCLA Reproductive Endocrinologist & Director of Fertility Services, UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica
Yoga Therapist and Lead Teacher, Strong Yoga® 4Fertility
Speaker, Writer and a Practicing Psychotherapist, LMFT
Partnered Parenting Mother, Editor-in-Chief, Partnered Parenting Magazine online
Part-Time Television Producer and Writer; Full-Time Dad
CEO & Co-Founder, Ovatemp
National Research Director and Home Study Supervisor at Independent Adoption Center
Adult Adoptee
Therapist and Founder of Changing Marriage
Journalist and Blogger
Co-Founder, Abundant Beginnings
Fertility Specialist, California Fertility Partners
Board certified OBGYN, Integrative Medical Dr and Mother of 2
Founder/CEO, The Gutai Foundation
Actor, Comedian, Writer & Adoptive Father
Producer, Actor & Adoptive Father
Reproductive specialist, Lotus Center for Integrative Medicine
Pasadena, CA
Co-author, The Fertile Kitchen® Cookbook
Founder / CEO
Founder/CEO, Ovuline
Founder/CEO, Murphy Fitness
Founder, Weelicious
Marketing Manager, American Embryo Registry
Director of Fund Development, Walden Family Services
Law Offices of Vorzimer Masserman, APLC
Attorney, Vorzimer Masserman
Born via Surrogacy
Born via Surrogacy
Owner of the Law and Mediation Office of Diane M. Goodman
President and Director of SCSA Diagnostics
Founder/CEO, GoBaby pH
CEO and Founder,
Celebrity Trainer, Nutritionist, N.Y. Times Best-selling Author
Producer, Host and Actor
Medical Director, Reproductive Fertility Center
Actress, Comedian Mom as seen in Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club and For Better or Worse
National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC) Recipient Mother
CEO, EmbraceHer
Journalist, Writer, Producer
Editor-in-Chief, The Next Family
Director, TechCXO Human Capital Practice
Producer, An Extended Family - First Pictures
Doctor, Professor & Author
Founder& CEO, Light Touch Healing Center
Embryology Laboratory Director, SCRC
Co-founder and partner, SCRC
Co-founder and Principal, Distinctive Change
Founder, Ovapal, Inc.
Registered Nurse, Life IVF Center
Former Patient, Life IVF
Former Patient, Life IVF Center
KTLA Reporter and Anchor
Clinical Psychologist
President, Red Cloud LLC
Advocate, egg donor recipient , Documentary maker
Founder / CEO, Fertility Planit
Director of Marketing, Fertility Planit
Leading Reproductive Endocrinologist, California Fertility Partners
Blogger, Parent via FET, 2012 RESOLVE/Hope Award Blog of the Year Winner, Fertility Planit Social Media Manager
Founder + Director, The Turek Clinic
Actress, Director, Author, and Mom
Medical Director, SCRC
Obstetrician, Gynecologist, Life IVF Center
Founder, Yo San University Tao of Wellness
Co-Founder, Trak Fertility
Author, Speaker, Life Coach
Founder/CEO, Modamily
Dad, Property Management, Vice Chair LACERA Board of Retirement , Prolific Volunteer
Director of Client Experience & Communications, California Cryobank
Professor and Director, UCSF Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment
Founder, Carla Lundblade Fertility
Co-Founder, Baby Quest Foundation
Founder, The Fertile Kitchen®
Medical Doctor & Managing Partner, HRC Fertility
Founder, Future Family Starter/Fred Silberberg Family Law Lawyers
CEO, Center for Surrogate Parenting
Love Coach
Founder, Well Women Acupuncture & The Seed Fertility Program
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