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Fertility Planit engages in Media Partnerships with media outlets active in health, wellness, family planning, fertility, adoption and family equality. We market your brand, products and services to our audiences across our digital media platforms – optimizing your existing marketing messages for the digital realm, and creating new content to help you reach your target audiences online.

Details on becoming a Media Partner

We offer:

  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Fertility Planit markets your content and messaging for 3 months via our website, social platforms on: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and our newsletter. Our overall aggregate reach on the social web is 4,000,000+.
  • SPONSOR FOR CONTENT SESSION: Be a Media Partner on a specific topic/content session at Fertility Planit Los Angeles 2014 or an upcoming video webinar on You can help curate the session and choose the topic and speakers.

Support Fertility Planit by:

  • DISPLAYING ONLINE AD UNIT: Publish a Fertility Planit ad unit for placement on your media property (i.e. magazine, newspaper), your website and in your newsletter.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Market our content and messaging for 6 months via your website, social platforms and your newsletter.
  • CONTENT SHARING: Host 1-2 short, original text-based articles or videos from Fertility Planit in your magazine and website that will feature or highlight Fertility Planit with a celebrity or thought leader (e.g. MeiMei Fox, Dan Bucatinsky).

We’d be happy to share audio-visual and text based content between us on our outlets. You can highlight Fertility Planit’s video and other content on your website, and we will do the sharing!
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Details on becoming a Media Partner


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